How to play Mystake Dino

If you enjoy playing online casino games, you’ve probably heard of Mystake Dino. This game offers a unique and thrilling experience with great chances of winning. It has revolutionized the online gaming market with its “Crash” concept. Many people have already tried their luck with varying degrees of success. If you haven’t played it yet, now is the perfect time to start.

Dino Crash Game has become an iconic feature of MyStake casino. Players from around the world enjoy watching a small dinosaur run and earn multipliers until a meteor strikes.

Dino Casino was developed by Upgaming, and MyStake was the first to popularize it. Let’s delve into why Dino has gained such popularity alongside Chicken.

So, what exactly is the Dino game?

Step back in time and explore the ancient environment where dinosaurs faced the threat of extinction.

In this captivating game, we rewind the clock to witness the events that took place 66 million years ago. Dino is the last surviving dinosaur during the extinction event, trying to escape from a barrage of asteroids. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the prehistoric world and assist Dino in evading danger.

How to Play Mystake Dino?

If you’ve come across a video of the popular Dino Game and are interested in playing it, you should give it a try at MyStake Casino. Before you start playing, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Bet amount
  2. Multiplier
  3. Auto Cashout
  4. Game history

Playing Dino is straightforward. As a player, you need to place a bet before the Dino race begins. The bet amount can range between 0.2 and 1000. It’s worth noting that you can place two bets in a single Dino round.

Mystake dino

The objective is to cash out before the meteor strikes Dino, and you need to be quick. To simplify this, you can set an auto-collect option that cashes out at a specific multiplier, so you don’t have to press the Cashout button every time. The Dino Multiplier increases the potential winnings. The total amount won is instantly credited to your account. If the Dino crashes before you cash out, you lose your bet.

Now, let’s understand what RTP is and how crash games work.

RTP stands for “Return to Player.” Each casino mini-game or slot machine has an RTP percentage that can be either hidden or visible to the player. At MyStake, the RTP of Mini-Games is always displayed in the game’s information window. There’s no hidden information when it comes to the highest RTP on the market!

The Return to Player Percentage indicates the portion of the total bets that should be returned to the players. The casino’s profit is calculated by subtracting the RTP percentage from the total bets. For example, if the Dino game has an RTP of 96%, the casino retains 4% of the total bets, while the remaining 96% is distributed among the players. However, the crash point of the Dino game remains random.

Is there a Dino strategy?

Many players claim to have a winning strategy, but in most cases, these tricks are not effective. As mentioned earlier, the outcome of wins and losses in Dino is based on total bets and the RTP percentage. The timing of asteroid crashes is completely random. Therefore, it relies on luck and your intuition for when to cash out.

Is Dino trustworthy?

The Dino game from Upgaming has undergone extensive testing before its launch. We have carefully evaluated and selected their products. You can have complete confidence that Dino is a reliable game.

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