The Story of Teleport

Teleport is a game that combines science and magic without contradicting their respective rules. Dr. Alistair, a brilliant and eccentric scientist, has unlocked the mysteries of quantum physics and learned how to teleport into parallel universes. However, these unfamiliar realms may not be welcoming to outsiders. It is crucial for us to assist the brilliant scientist in avoiding perilous portals that could result in his demise.

How to Play

Playing the portal game is both enjoyable and straightforward. Your goal is to select the correct portal that allows the scientist to teleport safely to another universe. Unfortunately, not all portals are secure, so you must choose your next move wisely. By choosing a safe location, the scientist will teleport to the next level. However, if you pick a spot with a dangerous portal, he will perish, and you will lose your wager.

The game consists of multiple tiers of boards arranged in ascending order, from bottom to top. Each tier has different coefficients, which increase as the scientist ascends. You can adjust the number of boards by selecting between two alignment options, and this choice will also affect the coefficients. The minimum bet amount is 0.10 USD, while the maximum bet limit is 10,000 USD. Enjoy the game and have fun!

For Players

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